Ciclavia Fun!

This past Sunday, members of the team had a booth at the CicLAvia event which provided band-aids and basic first-aid supplies for those with minor injuries.The main goal of Ciclavia is to connect communities with each other across an expansive city, through closing streets to use them as a vast public park for the citizens of Los Angeles. It also provides a vision for what a healthier, safer, and more sustainable city could look like in the future. This past weekend, the Mar Vista, Culver City, and Palms areas were connected and six and a half miles were open for cyclists, runners, skaters and other crowds to join. The front lawn of Venice High was a hub for food, dancing and fun with food trucks, bouncy houses, and music. The Sports Medicine Team had a blast dancing, playing, and helping out anyone in need at their station in front of the school.

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