March is National Athletic Training Month!

As February comes to an end, the Sports Medicine team is preparing for National Athletic Training Month (NATM)  in March to raise awareness about the vital role athletic trainers play in our lives. Venice Sports Med is planning to host a scavenger hunt for this month to get students to learn more about athletic training and how it affects them, especially if they are student-athletes. Our ultimate goal is to educate students on athletic training as a profession and the purpose and roles of an athletic trainer.

Athletic trainers are valuable; not only do they ensure the safety and health for all athletes, but for any patient as well. They can instantly recognize and assist those who may have been injured on the job or during a game and help them seek the medical attention they may need.  Because of these qualifications, athletic training is a health care profession, and over 70% of certified athletic trainers have a Master’s Degree. Athletic trainers help decrease the chances of workforce shortages and absences, as well as ensuring that patients do not get injured or re-injured.

Our team looks forward to spreading our love and knowledge for athletic training for the month of March! This year, the slogan for NATM is “ATs Are Health Care.”

The National Athletic Trainers Association provides more info on NATM HERE

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