NATM 2019 Scavenger Hunt

In honor of National Athletic Training Month, the sport medicine team held a team-scavenger hunt and a school-wide one as well. The purpose of the scavenger hunt was to have fun teaching peers, teachers, and administration what athletic training is about, and to give them an idea of what the sports medicine team on campus does.

Team members had 48 hours to complete each task as well as posting on social media. The first one to finish on the team was awarded with 20 hours, and the rest of the participants received hours for their hard work as well. Some of the tasks included buddy taping an administrator, taking a selfie with a student athlete, splinting a students arm with classroom objects, and other fun tasks that spread awareness about athletic training. Students who participate in the school-wide challenge have a chance to win a pizzza at the end of the month.

To learn more about our sports medicine team, you can swing by the display case in the main building set up by members of the sports med team. Also, be sure to check out @Venicesportsmed on Instagram to join in on the school-wide challenge to learn more about Athletic Training!

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