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Kirsten Farrell

Team Members

Jhoselyn Gallegos
I am Jhoselyn Gallegos, this is my second year on the Sports Medicine Team. I became a part of the Sports Medicine Team due to my interest in the medical field. I initially heard about the Sports Medicine Team from an announcement at school. I decided to join the team because it sounded very interesting and it provided medical experience. One of my favorite memories was a year ago on Valentines day where our team worked a shift for the Boys Basketball team and the Girls Soccer team. The Sports Medicine Team is amazing because we all feel like a family and we are also dedicated to the team. Being on the Sports Medicine Team is incredibly beneficial for me because I want to become a doctor. Although it does not provide the full experience of a medical professional it does provide an overview of what is expected of a healthcare professional.

Zenai Gonzalez
Hi my name is Zenai Gonzalez, I’m a sophomore and I chose to join the Sports Medicine team so that I’d have a good understanding of what to do in certain crisis situations. I have two younger siblings and a big family that I’d like to help if anything bad happens. So far I’ve learned a lot with the many certifications I’ve earned after online slides/ courses. I’ve also been meeting with the team to get to know them better and I can’t wait until we go back to school!

Kelo Komesu
Hello, my name is Kelo Komesu, I am a senior at Venice High School. I joined the sports med team my junior year after hearing about the program from my brother, a former member of the team. Since then, the sports med team has benefitted me in far more ways than I had ever expected. I think the most valuable part of sports med, are the opportunities that you get while on the team. We get to work with health professionals and are provided guidance from a certified athletic trainer (also one of the best teachers in LA).One of my favorite experiences was getting to meet the mayor of Nagoya, Japan, and showing him around our athletic training room. It was a unique and challenging experience that I still look back to and learn from to this day. The sports med team truly has an affable community with a great environment to learn and grow in. It was one of my best decisions throughout high school to join this team, I am forever thankful for the advice and life lessons I was given through the sports med team.

Libby Oren
I’m Libby Oren, a senior at Venice High School. I was drawn to the Sports Medicine program when one of my friends mentioned she was on the team, and that it was a great way to get hands-on experience in the medical field. I would like to be a doctor and attend medical school, so it seemed like a way to see whether it was the correct path for me, in tandem with my Biomedicine courses. I’ve had an amazing time! I’ve been able to work shifts with my friends and meet new people, participate in competitions to learn about the different parts of the human body (even placing in a few of them), and improved my ability to work under high-pressure situations. My most notable memory has to be the first time I ever worked a shift- everyone told me it would be mostly cleaning, but to always be prepared for anything. We got a call that a girl had fainted, and immediately had to drop everything to call 911 and treat for heatstroke. It was a very interesting experience that, thankfully, has not been repeated, but I am glad to have had. In the future, I hope to become a doctor and continue to help people.

Fatma Ali
Hello!!! My name is Fatma Ali, and I am a fourth-year member of the Venice High Sports Medicine Team. I was introduced to the team through my sister. Initially, I was very pessimistic and wasn’t sure if I would truly enjoy the field. As a freshman, I didn’t really know what my interests were. However, I decided to give it a shot and joined. It was definitely one of the best choices I have ever made. I fell in love with the people behind it, the athletic trainers, coaches, athletes, and fellow team members. The family-like environment, infinite knowledge, and interaction with the athletes is what drives me to apply each year and be part of this magnificent team. My favorite memory has got to be Valentine’s Day 2020. We were covering the Boys’ Basketball Playoff game and decided to grab a quick dinner at a restaurant. I remember trying to finish the food quickly (but still enjoying it) to make sure we get to the game on time. The Sports Medicine Team has truly been one of my most valuable choices ever. Each day I spent in the athletic training room is unforgettable. I am honored to have been part of this team for four years.

Sayla Miyoshi
Hello! My name is Sayla Miyoshi and I am a fourth-year member of the Venice High Sports Medicine Team. Before entering my freshman year at Venice High School, I was introduced to the school’s sports medicine team through my sister’s involvement on the team. Through her experiences, I was able to witness the vast knowledge that she had gained, which inspired me to join the team as well. The most memorable moment throughout my involvement on the team was the first time I assisted Ms.Farrell during our school’s home football game. The second I stepped into the field and dashed my way to an athlete was the moment that sparked my passion for the field of sports medicine. My growing passion for injury care has driven me to pursue a career in physical therapy, to help others the way I have seen my athletic trainer care for the student-athletes at Venice High School. As I continue my journey towards my future career, I am confident that the knowledge and experiences that I have gained through my years on the Venice High Sports Medicine Team will guide me to become a healthcare professional.

Kaya Worozbit
Hey!! My name is Kaya Worozbit. I’m currently a junior at Venice and it’s my first year on the Sports Medicine Team. I joined the Sports Med Team because I possibly want to pursue a career in the medical field in the future and I enjoy helping people. I think it’s so important to know about injury prevention and first aid considering that I play tennis and have gotten injured before. I’m very excited to be on this team and I think it’s such an incredible opportunity.

Ana Rubio
Hello! My name is Ana Rubio. I am a senior at Venice High School and a rookie member of the Sports Medicine team. I joined the team to explore the career and for my football player younger brother. Despite the fact that I wasn’t able to go through the full Sports Medicine experience this year due to the virus, I’ve virtually met and interacted with my team, learning so much from them. I like Sports Medicine because I’ll be able to help all kinds of people, not just athletes. I know I will continue to learn and grow in the future with this team!

Deisy Garcia
Hi, my name is Deisy! I am a junior at Venice and I am new to the Sports Med Team. During my free time i love to listen to music, play piano, and get lost exploring LA 🙂

Gabrielle King
My name is Gabrielle King, I am currently a junior at Venice High School and this is my first year on the Venice High Sports Med Team.

Yareli Lorenzo

Hi! I’m a Yareli, a senior, and this is my first year of the Sports Medicine Team. Competing on the Girls’ Volleyball team is what drove me to apply and be part of the Sports Medicine Team. I wanted to learn the fundamentals of first aid, and how to prevent, treat, and avoid any injuries. I wanted to ensure I was always there to apply my knowledge in case any of my team members were injured. I’m a Scorpio, and I enjoy making jewelry, playing volleyball, and studying hard. I hope I get to go back to school and start interacting with the athletes to truly experience the Sports Medicine field.

Andrea Herrera

Hello! My name is Andrea Herrera, I am a senior and currently a fourth-year member of the Venice Sports Medicine Team. Originally, I became introduced to the program by former members, Ismenia and Gabriel Say. They both spoke of their incredible experience, noting such opportunities as acquiring fundamental first aid skills, traveling to different competitions across California, and creating long-term friendships. Their passionate stories piqued my interest and I joined as a freshman in 2017. Now on the team, I am extremely grateful for my decision. I have not only gained access to amazing resources, such as the Anatomage, learned to treat injuries and manage emergency situations, but also have been given an outlet for individual growth by participating in the team’s leadership council. The Sports Medicine Team at Venice High continues to be home away from home and I hope to take my fondest memories made there to college.

Cindy Vela

Hi! My name is Cindy Vela. I’m a sophomore, and I picked to join the Sports Medicine team because I want to use what I learn on the team to prepare myself for my future job, like learning CPR and First Aid. I’ve learned a lot from videos we were assigned to watch and explain. I look forward to interacting with athletes as soon as school opens and truly experience the Sports Medicine field.

Sanam Ismail

Hello, my name is Sanam Ismail and I am currently a senior at Venice High School and am a part of the leadership board. After hearing about the program from some of my friends and teachers during my freshman year I was eager to join and have been a part of the team since. This team has given me the opportunity to learn more about the medical field and patient care than normal high school students are able to. As someone who hopes to go into the medical field, I would attribute part of my passion and love for the medical field to stem from being on this team and the environment and opportunities I have been provided. This program has allowed me to become certified in CPR, First Aid, AED, HIPAA, and a variety of others and has helped me gain experience using these skills. One of my favorite memories was last year when we participated in the competition, however more than the competition I enjoyed our practices and lessons leading up to the event. We spent countless hours after school studying and practicing on one another developing skills in specific topics. Learning from my peers and working together to achieve our goals not only brought us closer together but helped us succeed. I am extremely grateful for being able to be a part of this team and for all the experiences and opportunities I have gotten with it.

Karylle Dizon

Hey guys! Karylle here, a senior student-athlete and a newbie on the Sportsmed team! With more free time, I decided to join the team and further educate myself on injury prevention and health care among other student-athletes. I’ve been treated by Kirsten and her team through physical therapy after injuries my freshman and sophomore year where I was able to see the beauty in what they do and why they do it. Kirsten and her team exemplified what true leadership was on and off the court. Soon enough I wanted to do the same and hopefully be seen as a viable source of help when emergencies occur and where help is needed. My experience with this team has been great and allows me to experience what it’s like to be a part of a medical related field. In the future, I plan on continuing volleyball while making my way to a Master’s in Nursing.