Team Picture Update!

The team picture will be THURSDAY, MARCH 7 at 6:45 am. The meeting location is Venice Pier which is at the end of Washington Blvd.

Please be on time, dressed appropriately (girls – black dresses/boys – black pants, white button down shirt, colorful tie) and have checks/money ready.

There is a back up plan in case of rain (Currently 30% chance).  At 6:00 am the photographer will make a decision.  In the event of rain we have set up a phone tree.  The photographer will call me, I will call Amanda, Keanna and Tommy. Amanda, Keanna and Tommy will in turn text the people that are listed under their names. It is up to you to make sure that the person responsible for texting you has your number.  If you do not have a cell phone, you are responsible for calling your contact person.

There will only be a message sent out if we are changing locations.

The indoor location is located at 4935 McConnell Ave, Unit 6, 90066. McConnell is off Culver Blvd right near the 90 freeway and Asaya Restaurant Plaza.

Amanda: Mark, Sam, Conor, Alyssa, Alex, Cesar, Asia, Elizabeth

Keanna: Natalie, Sarah, Nungari, Ashley, Brett, James, Gabby, Angela, Elyssa

Tommy: Victor, Emily, Ann, Yaneli, Walker, Ellington, Andie, Flynn, Lynley




Picture Pricing:

Team Picture with VHS Logo and Inscription (8×10) – $18.00

Senior Group Picture with VHS Logo and Inscription (5×7) – $15.00

Buddy Pics (5×7) – $15.00

Make checks payable to CFP Studio

This is a great chance to take buddy pics with friends or a nice solo picture for your parents as you will be dressed up and it is beautiful on the beach in the morning.

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