Team Picture

The Sports Med Team picture is scheduled for March 7 at 6:45 am.  We meet at Venice Pier at the end of Washington Blvd.  The dress code for the picture … Girls – black dresses Boys – Black pants, white long sleeve button down and colorful tie.

We will take a team picture and a group picture of the seniors. You may also take buddy or solo pictures.

CFP Studio will be taking the pictures:

Team Picture with VHS Logo and Inscription (8×10) – $18.00

Senior Group Picture with VHS Logo and Inscription (5×7) – $15.00

Buddy Pics (5×7) – $15.00

Make checks payable to CFP Studio

This is a great chance to take buddy pics with friends or a nice solo picture for your parents as you will be dressed up and it is beautiful on the beach in the morning.

We will be finished by 7:30 so that everyone can get to school on time!

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