Washington Day One

After a very early start this morning we are safe and sound in Vancouver.  All the kids are all busy studying and prepping for the first day of competition tomorrow.

Once we landed we headed to Southeast Portland to have breakfast at the Arleta Bakery and Cafe.  The food was very yummy. After breakfast we headed to the hotel to drop off luggage and head to the Nike factory store.  Since a teenager’s stomach seems to never be full we visited the famous Voo Doo Doughnut where you can get a 5lb bucket of 8 hour old doughnuts for $5.00! They worked off all the calories exploring Portland.

After plenty of food and exercise it was time for a nap!  Then more food for dinner, a quick walk across the park to Tiger’s Garden and a run to the local supermarket (teenagers = food) for snacks in the room, before studying and bed.

Events start tomorrow at 9:00 and testing begins after lunch … Wish us luck!


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