Washington Day Two and Three

So things have been VERY busy here in Vancouver!

Friday was a full day.  Opening statements and a keynote speech by Bengie Molina.  The kids were quite excited to see a World Series winning Anaheim Angel.  After lunch the testing began.  Chad and Keanna tested in Medical Terminology.  Jose and Kari tested in Anatomy and Physiology.  Sandra had an interview.  Bella and Maya tested in C.P.R. Skills.  The Varsity 6 had a speaker and then it was off to dinner.  After dinner and a bit of free time we had a study hall and then went into the ballroom to practice our forum presentation.

Today the Varsity 6 (Henry, Tommy, Rion, Veronica, Lauren and Eaden) had two tests and a practical. Amanda, Sandra, Keanna, Henry and Chad presented in the forum competition.  The rest of the crew took JV tests.  I am very pleased to share that as a team we placed 12th overall out of over 40 teams! In the forum competition we took 3rd place!  Bella took 5th overall in the JV Division! Jose took 2nd in the Anatomy and Physiology testing.  The kids did an amazing job.

Tonight we are off to Big Al’s with the students from Valencia and Sherman Oaks Notre Dame before heading home tomorrow.

The internet is a bit spotty up here, so I will post more and pictures tomorrow after our return.

Go Venice Sports Medicine!!!!



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