Washington Competition Schedule

Thursday April 26


8-9:30 pm                             Early Registration/Check-in                      Alder Pre-Function

8-9:30 pm                             Student leadership committee meeting Executive Suite



Friday April 27

Time                                       Event                                                              Place

6:30 am                                 Set-up

8-9 am                                   Registration/check-in                                 Alder Pre-Function

Vendor Set-up                                              Discovery Pre-Function

Student Posters set up                              Discovery/Heritage Hall

9-10:30 am                           Student Representative Meeting              Oak/Hemlock

Speaker:  George Hollingberry

All Students: Ice Breakers                         Heritage Ballroom E-F


9:05-10:30                            Instructor Meet & Greet                               Discovery A

10:35-11:50                          Welcome (Student President)                  Heritage ABCD


Keynote- Bengie Molina


11:50-1:40                            Lunch on own


1:40-2:30                               Student Forum (Session 1) (4)                 Heritage ABCD


2:00-2:45                               Written Proctors Meeting                            Alder


2:30-4:30                               Varsity- Interviews                                       Heritage E-F

2:30-4:45                               Varsity- CPR Test & Skills                         Discovery A then B-C


3:00-4:30                               Varsity- Anatomy/Physiology                     Discovery D-E


3:15-4:45                               Varsity- Medical Terminology                    Discovery A


3:00-4:00                               Varsity Sports Med/JV- Speaker               Heritage ACD

Derek Sparks- GameTime


4:45-5:10                               Student Forum (Session 2) (2)                 Heritage ABCD


5:10-5:30                               Student President Speeches (7)              Heritage ABCD

5:30-6:00                               Tape-off Round 1                                        Heritage E-F

(Top 20 move to round 2)


6:00                                        Dinner on own


9:00-10:30                            Student leadership interviews (18)          Executive Suite

Saturday April 28th


6 AM                                       Set-up


6:30-7:15                               Oral Proctor Meeting                                               Alder


7:15-7:45                               Written Proctor Meeting                                          Alder


8:00-10:00                            Exam 1- V Written/Oral                                           Heritage A/B & E/F


8:30-10:00                            Exam 1- Sportsmedicine JV (All remaining)      Discovery ABCDE

8:45-10:00                            Instructor Business Meeting                                 Oak/Hemlock


10:00-11:00                          Check out of Rooms                                               Storage- Pine/Spruce


11:00-11:40                          Student Forum (Session 3) (3)                             Heritage ABCD


11:30-12:30                          Proctor lunch                                                            Heritage Pre-Function

Oak/Hemlock Available to Eat in


11:40-12:45                          Lunch Provided                                                        Heritage Pre-Function

Heritage ABCD Available to Eat in

12:15-12:45                          Tape Off Round 2                                                    Heritage AB

Top 20 Down to Top 4


12:30-1:00                            Oral/Written Proctor Meeting                                 Alder


1:00-3:00                               Exam 2-V Written/Oral                                            Heritage A/B & E/F

1:00-2:30                               Exam 2- Sportsmedicine JV (All remaining)      Discovery ABCDE


3:00-3:30                               Career Speaker Rotation #1                                 Heritage CD

Blake Bowers- Career/College Readiness


3:35-4:05                               Career Speaker Rotation #2                                 Discovery CDE

Lianne Martinez- Medical Reserve Corps


4:10-4:40                               Career Speaker Rotation #3                                 Discovery AB


4:10-4:40                               Student Rep Business Meeting                           Oak/Hemlock


5:00                                        Closing Remarks                                                    Heritage ABCD

Final Tape-Off


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