Congratulations Finalists!

If you see your name below … you are a finalist for the 2014-2015 Venice High School Sports Medicine Team. There are a couple names missing from the list and we will discuss individual situations once school begins.

Current members of the Sports Medicine Group on Facebook, please add any of the new folks you see listed below.

Alex, Amanpreet, Amber, Andrea, Angela, Asia, Cesar, Edie, Emma, Gaby, Gabriel, Gia, Guadalupe, Howard, Jasmine, Jennifer, Jesiah, Luis, Marisol, Melissa, Peter, Petra, Qahirah, Rebecca, Ruth and Sara Joy.

If you are an athlete please make sure your coaches are aware that on the first day of school you must attend 7th Pd (3:15-4:15). Tell them NOW … do not wait until the first day of school.

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