Thanksgiving Week Update

Hope you all have a great holiday week and some yummy food on Thanksgiving.

Quick updates:

Dessert Sales: Get selling! Take advantage of the holiday break to encourage friends, family, church, work to buy desserts! We raise between $4.00 and $5.00 for every item ordered. We are about to run out of tape, so we need some money in the bank to order supplies, as well as planning for competition season bills. ORDERS ARE DUE 11/30!!!! The desserts will be ready to be picked up on Monday 12/10 when the 2nd Period exam is over at 12:30.


Competitions: Right now we are tentatively scheduled for three competitions. 2/16 at Palmdale High School ($10 per student), 4/20 at St. Francis High School (usually $25 per student) and 4/25 – 4/28 in Washington State (TBD).

Vacation Week Schedule: If the football team wins tonight, they will be preparing for their semi final game on Friday 11/23. There will be a substitute certified athletic trainer covering for me on Monday/Wednesday from 10-12 and the game on Friday.

Monday – Tommy, Natalie, Sam, Angela

Wednesday – Amanda, James, Alex, Brett

Friday – Amanda, Asia, Alex

Schedule for the Week of 11/26 – 11/30:

Monday and Tuesday we will be closed all day.

Wednesday: Girl’s Soccer/Open until 5:30pm/Alex, Flynn, Annie, Allison

Thursday: Room/Open until 4:00pm/Conor

Friday: Open until 4:00pm/DESSERT ORDERS DUE!!!!


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