10/29 – 11/2 Monday – Victor, Yaneli, Conor Tuesday – Closed Wednesday – Keanna, Lynley, Yaneli Thursday – Natalie, Conor, Walker, Andie Friday – J.V. – Victor, Walker, Ashley and Cesar Varsity – Tommy, James, Conor Photos – Amanda Meeting Next Monday 11/5 at lunch!  

Thank You Card

This morning I arrived at school to find a very beautiful thank you card from Mr. and Mrs. Cook.  They were most appreciative of all the cards, funny jokes and get well messages we sent after their accident.  Luckily, they have been able to leave Montana and go home to Virginia to continue their recovery….


This Friday we need cupcakes and frosting.  Each member of the Sports Medicine Team should plan on brining in un frosted, baked cupcakes (1 box = 24 cupcakes) or 2 containers of frosting (chocolate/vanilla/cream cheese).  Do not purchase prebaked, predecorated cupcakes. I will be at school before 1st Period on Friday, so that you may…


Hi Gang- Here is the list of workers for Friday … 1st – Keanna, Emily, Brett, Lynley 2nd – Mark, Nungari, Tommy 3rd – Gabby, Walker, Sarah 4th – Victor, Ashley, Asia 5th – Allison, Anglea, Elizabeth 6th – Sam, Elizabeth, Conor JV – Conor, Victor, Elyssa, Andie, Natalie Varsity – Keanna, Ellington, Brett, Mark,…

Schedule 10/22 – 10/26

Here is the schedule for 10/22-10/26 Monday- Room til 4:00 pm Lynley, Ryan, Sam and Yaneli Tuesday – Closed (PD Day) Wednesday – Room til 4:00 pm Elizabeth, Gabby, Mark and Walker Thursday – Volleyball Home vs Uni Angela, Brett, Mark and Ashley Friday – PINK OUT (Football vs. Pali) J.V. – Asia, Natalie, Elizabeth,…

Are you ready for Pink Out?

Next Friday, October 26, will be our 3rd Annual Pink Out Football Game in support of Breast Cancer Awareness and the Susan G. Komen Foundation of Los Angeles. Please be prepared to work, as we will need game coverage, information tables staffed and roaming fundraisers. This is a huge day for the Sports Medicine Team…

Schedule 10/15 – 10/19

Here is the schedule for 10/15 – 10/19/2012 Monday – Room til 4 Ryan, Asia, Gabby and Mark Tuesday – Closed Wednesday – Room til 4 Elizabeth, Ashley, Asia and MArk Thursday – Volleyball Home (5:30) Angela, Brett, Mark and Ashley Friday – Football at University Emily, Elyssa, Sam and Brett

Schedule 10/8-10/12

The schedule for 10/8 – 10/12 Monday – Volleyball/Water Polo Home Gaby, Emily, Victor, Yaneli, Elizabeth   Tuesday – PD Day Closed   Wednesday – Water Polo Victor, Elizabeth, Cesar, Yaneli   Thursday – Room (4:30 pm) Conor, Andie, Angela, Walker, Ellington   Friday – Football Game at Hamilton (3:00 PM Game) Cesar, Sam, Ryan, Walker