Summer Update

Hope everyone is having a great summer!  It is hard to believe that it is almost time to go back to school.

This weekend is Advanced Camp! I hope all of you are signed up and ready to attend. I will be there and I am excited to see your skills from Beginning Camp.  On August 13 we will be having a meeting in Shop 6 at 1:00 pm. We need to set the room up for the first day of school, clean and cover football practice.  If you are an athlete, please let your coaches know that we have 7th period the first day of school and you will be late to practice.  If everyone can get there on time we will be done by 3:30.

There are pictures from Camp 1 and 2 on the West Coast Sports Medicine Page … feel free to share and tag those pictures on Facebook.

Start getting excited! If you are not part of the Sports Med group on Facebook ask to join so you can see any updates in the next 12 days before school.

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