Beginner Camp One

Beginner Camp One is in the books!

It was great to see so many Venice Sports Med alumni helping out. Briana (’08), Mitchell (’09), Aman (’10) and Brennon (’11). You guys ROCK!!!

I have received lots of good feed back on the Venice students in attendance. A few of the instructors were quite impressed!!! Especially when they saw some of the Venice crew practicing on their own time. It was also nice to see a couple returners stepping up and helping the rookies. I hope Beginner Camp Two is as successful!


Two things did come up at camp – both of which are not acceptable practices for being on the Sports Med Team.

1. We had two no shows. If you were unable to attend camp, you should have called West Coast Sports Medicine to cancel your attendance or contacted me directly. At no time should I have to be texting or calling you to find out where you are.

2. Being late. The start and end times of camp are posted here and were in your applications. There is no excuse for being late. If there is an emergency call or text.

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