Application Step 2

Congratulations to the following students for making it through Step 1. (We had close to 45 applications)

You may all attend the Beginning Camp.  Hopefully, you received your confirmation notices by now.  Please be aware that you will be evaluated the entire time at the Beginning Camp. This evaluation will determine whether or not you continue on in the process. The ATCs, the student interns and guests will all be watching … even when you are on your breaks.  Bring your best effort, sparkling personalities and willingness to have fun!

See you in CAMP!!!

If you have any questions, feel that your name has been left off or have concerns please feel free to email me at

Also if you know of any other students that will be new to Venice in Spetember and would like to join the team please shoot me an email.

Class of 2012

Almendariz, A.

An, R.

Banuelos, J.

Escamilla, J.

Gishi, V.

Hernandez, S.

Hong, L.

Kawata, A.

Kiflezgi, E.

Lhrar, N. (WR)

Lopez, N.

Mendez, D.

Miyasato, K.

Morse, H.

Morrison, M.

Roth, M.

Rivera, V.

Sequen, D. (WR)

Shekelle, J.

Tanioka, C.

Vasquez, D.

Wong, B.

Class of 2013

Botch, T.

Hordo, A.

Class of 2014

DeSantis. S.

Lee, K

Morimoto, J.

Morse, G.

Class of 2015

Rivera, J. (WR)

If you have (WR) next to your name it means acceptance with reservations. There was one item on your application that we had concerns about.  You will be allowed to continue but may be asked for something extra along the way.

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