Injury Prevention & First Aid/Emergency Care Workshops

Hello! My name is Sayla Miyoshi. I am a senior at Venice High School and a fourth year member of the Venice High Sports Medicine Team. Aside from my activities within my academics, I am also a member of my local Girl Scouts troop. 

As the world entered the state of the pandemic, I wanted take action to support and better my community. This led me to conduct my Gold Award Project with the goal of protecting and creating a safer community. 


For my Gold Award Project, I wanted to help out my community by focusing on the lack of education on injury prevention and injury care in our schools. 

To address this, I felt it would be beneficial to educate fellow students and peers on basic first aid, emergency care, and injury prevention which can increase the safety of the people around them as well as their own and help student athletes avoid injuries while participating in physical activity.

With the help of my volunteer team for this project, we were able to hold online injury prevention and basic first aid/emergency care workshops through an online meeting platform. Through these workshops we were able to share the importance of injury care/prevention through fun activities, demonstrations, slide presentations, and educational videos.

Resources from Workshops

Click on the image above to view presentation.
Click on the image above to view the presentation.

Educational Videos

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  1. Trevor Yuge says:

    This is so amazing! Great job with the workshops Sayla! So proud of you!

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