Next Round of 2019-20 Team!

Thank you for your patience as we went through this process of picking people for the next round of the 2019-2020 Venice High School Sports Medicine Team.

We believe in giving people a fair chance at making the team, however everyone on this list may not make the final team roster.

Some of the people on the list are being considered on a probationary status and must prove their eligibility with a final 20 week grade check (2.5) and above, successful completion of camp and/or CPR/AED/First Aid certification by August 1. Remember that if you are not attending camp the skills portion of your CPR/AED/First Aid Certification must be done in person at a testing location (for example Red Cross).

Good luck on the next round.

Abarca, S.

Ali, F.

Bonilla, N.

Castro, J.

Chacon, F.

Cruz, M.

Derego, K.

Fabian, J.

Gallegos, J.

Go, J.

Hernandez, J.

Herrera, A.

Hirata, I.

Huang, C.

Ismail, S.

King, K.

Komesu, K.

Lee, R.

Lopez, J.

Lopez, L.

Mariano, V.

Matsubara, A.

McDermott, M.

Metts, M.

Miyoshi, S.

Oren, L.

Padilla, B.

Palafox, X.

Ramirez, C.

Reese, D.

Rocha, E.

Santiago, K.

Ten, M.

Vidauri, A.

Villalta, V.

Wakasa, C.

Yuge, T

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