Team Starts Preparing for Competition

Competition chair Camryn Butze welcomed the team at the beginning of the semester with a brief meeting regarding the upcoming competitions. The closest one is a practice meet on February 9th at Valencia High School. It is time for the competition team members to start digging deep into the content they will need to know for game day. This includes anatomy, physical examinations, and written tests.

The team will divide into study groups and will meet up once a week for two hours to review and ingrain the knowledge into their heads. They will also be assessed online for HOSA starting February 28th, and they have chosen one of the three specific topics to be tested on. This includes Sports Medicine, CPR/First Aid, and Emergency Medicine.

Although mastery of the content will be a challenge, the team is eager to take it on together. Their current focus is the learning anatomy and examinations for the shoulder. The competition team had their first official study meeting on Wednesday,  January 30th, to go over the basics and foundation of the essential content. The closest meet is soon, and it will be a great learning experience to get the team familiar with the competition season.



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