Sports Medicine Team Starts Fundraising For Competitions

The Sports Medicine Students have started a GoFundMe page in efforts to raise money for our team trip to Sacramento for the HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America) competition this upcoming March. The program allows  the team to get a unique experience that will help them learn leadership skills and how to apply their knowledge of sports medicine in real world situations.

Donations will be put toward this trip to minimize costs for our team while giving us the opportunity to further our interests and passions in the sports medicine/medical field. As students who aspire to become medical professionals, we are taking the opportunities that come our way to help us get hands-on experiences in the field. We aspire to become prepared in first aid and CPR for any real-life situation. Help us spread the word! Share the link via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook,  etc. Any help is greatly appreciated!

 Click HERE  to make a donation to support the team!


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