Sports Medicine Team Bonding

Over the Thanksgiving break, the sports medicine team got together for some team bonding activities. They were split up into groups and had the task of constructing a gingerbread turkey. They had supplies such as icing, M&Ms, sprinkles, and other candy goods to spice up their creations, but here’s the catch: they could only get all of their ingredients in one trip, and they had to use every single thing they picked up. This required teamwork and all hands on deck to create the best-looking turkey, which would be determined at the end.

The team captains with their tasty creations
The whole team also did a name bingo activity in which they had to find certain people who applied to certain criteria on the bingo board. This brought the team closer together through communicating with each other. The team also had a taping workshop to brush up on their skills, and to learn new taping techniques from their peers and from Kirsten.
Team Taping Session

All in all, the team had a sweet time getting to know each other a bit better and refreshed their taping skills!

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