Updated Schedule

Week of 11/11 – 11/14/14

Lunch: Gabriel and Anthony

Laundry: Luis

Monday: Volleyball 6-9 pm, Daniel, Peter, Luis, Anthony

Tuesday: No School

Wednesday: Closed

Thursday: Basketball 3-8 pm, Daniel, Peter, Anthony, Lupe  Volleyball (Away) 4:30 – 10 pm, Jennifer, Rebecca, SJ, Gaby

Friday: Football (Away) 4-10 pm, Cesar, Asia, Gabriel, Ruth

Week of 11/17 – 11/21/14

Lunch: Jesiah, Cesar

Laundry: Jesiah

Monday: Open to 4:30, Gabriel, Daniel, Peter, Rebecca

Tuesday: Parent Meeting 5- 8pm, Jenn, Emma, Howard, Andrea, Cesar, Petra

Wednesday: Open to 4:30, Jasmine, SJ, Daniel, Howard

Thursday: Closed

Friday: Minimum Day – Jacket of Excellence Luncheon – Closed

Week of 11/24- 11/28


Week of 12/1 – 12/5/14

Monday: Open til 5:30, Daniel, Jasmine, Peter, Anthony

PARENT WASHINGTON MEETING AT 5:30 – You must attend with a parent or guardian if you plan to go on the Washington competition trip.

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: Soccer til 5:30, Andrea, Jesiah, Anthony, Daniel

Thursday: Closed

Friday: Soccer/Water Polo til 5:30, Ruth, Anu, Andrea, Gabriel, Peter, Rebecca

Week of 12/8 – 12/12/14

Monday: Open til 4:30, Anthony, Ruth, Luis, Peter

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: Soccer til 5:30, SJ, Daniel, Andrea, Gabriel

Thursday: Closed

Friday: Soccer/Water Polo til 5:30, Peter, Howard, Daniel, Jesiah, Gabriel, Anthony

Week of 12/15 – 12/19/14

Monday: Soccer/Water Polo til 5:30 – Peter, Andrea, Daniel, Gabriel, Rebecca, Marisol

Tuesday: Closed due to exams

Wednesday: Closed due to exams

Thursday: Closed due to exams

Friday: Basketball til 8:30, Jeisah, Anthony, Rebecca, Gabriel, Marisol, Daniel, Peter

NEXT TEAM MEETING WILL BE JANUARY 12 AFTER SCHOOL  – Make your coaches aware if you play a sport.  It is the first day of the semester and we must meet for 7th period. The only athletes excused are those that have a game on 1/12/15. The meeting will be over by 4:00 (at the latest) and you can join practice at that time.

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