Dessert Fundraiser

SELL, SELL, SELL! Order Form Packets will be ready tomorrow for pick up. Order Forms due Nov. 14th by Nutrition. Everyone should aim to sell at least 25 items. Desserts will be ready for pick up on November 20th.

Schedule Update (Next 3 Weeks)

NEXT MEETING NOVEMBER 10th Oct. 22-24 Lunch: Amber & Gaby Laundry: Lupe Wednesday: Amber, Jesiah, Howard, Asia Thursday: Howard, Emma, Melissa, Anu Friday: Homecoming!!!: JV: SJ, Luis, Melissa, Amber Varsity: Jesiah, Cesar, Asia Oct. 27-31 Lunch: Peter & Lupe Laundry: Jennifer Monday: Girl’s Tennis & Girl’s Volleyball: Jesiah, Lupe, Marisol Tuesday: CLOSED Melissa, Gabby, Howard,…

October 23-24

Lunch: Amber and Gabby Laundry: Lupe Thursday: Open until 4:30-Howard, Emma, Melissa, Ana Friday: Football JV: SJ, Luis, Melissa, Amber Football Var: Jesiah, Cesar, Asia Phones: Marisol & Q