Updated Schedule


Lunch Meetings on Monday, September 8 and Monday, October 6.

For those students working this week’s football game, you must pass your skills test by 4:00 pm on Wednesday. All skills testing for the rest of the team must be complete by 9/3.

Skills Test will be 4-5 items and may include –

Taping – Buddy, ESPN Wrist, Lineman, Thumb, Elbow Hyperextension, Turf Toe, Arch, Ankle, Shin Splints, Tear 30 pieces in 60 seconds

Prewrap – Ankle

Spica – Hip, Groin, Shoulder

Coverage Schedule:

August 25 – August 28

Laundry: Edie 

Lunch: Alex and Gabriel

Wednesday: Room til 4:30 –  SJ, Gabby, Asia, Amber, Luis


Junior Varsity (Need Greenies to miss 6th) – Howard, Amber, Rebecca, Emma

Varsity – (Start at 4:00 pm)Gabriel, Asia, Alex, Ruth, Melissa, Lupe

Friday: Closed No School

September 1 – September 5

Laundry: Jasmine

Lunch: Amber and Cesar

Monday: Closed No School

Tuesday: Closed PD Day

Wednesday: Room til 4:30 – Rebecca, Q, Lupe

Thursday: Boy’s Water Polo til 5:30 – SJ, Jenn, Gabby, Lupe, Emma and Luis

Friday: No Game Closed

September 8 – September 12

Laundry: Petra

Lunch: Luis and Gabby

Monday: Lunch Meeting Boy’s Water Polo til 5:30 – Alex, Amber, Rebecca, SJ, Marisol and Melissa

The rest of the schedule will be posted after the meeting on 9/8



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