Sports Medicine Team 2014 – 2015 Update

After the completion of applications and interviews the following students are invited to move forward in the process to become members of the 2014-2015 Sports Medicine Team.

Luis B.

Howard D.

Andrea H.

Ruth H.

Amber H.

Jasmine H.

Amanpreet L.

Melissa M.

Marisol O.

Peter P.

Gia P.

Cesar R.

Petra R.

Edie S.

Alex S.

Sara Joy S.

Rebecca S.

Gabriel S.

Jesiah S.

Qahirah S.

Guadalupe S.

Jennifer T.

Emma T.

Gabrielle V.

Vanessa V.

Angela V.

Asia W.

Please make sure you are set for the Summer Mentor Camps (unless you have previously spoken to me) as performance and attendance will be deciding factors in finalizing the team.

Also it is a good idea to either follow or check this blog on a regular basis, as I will post updates on the team, schedules and events.  The closer we get to next school year, the more information will be shared.

Congratulations on making it this far!

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