Homecoming is this Friday, 11/8.  The people listed below have signed up to walk in the Homecoming Parade. You are expected to be in uniform and enthusiastic. We may make a few of you walking wounded for fun!

Signed up: Petra, Kirsten, Ellington, Ruth, Walker, Rebecca, Jasmine. Kristen, Flynn, Annie, Amber, Edie, James, Yaneli, Andrew, Nungari, John, Yuki, Linda, Monica …. Amy (MAYBE)

The dessert fundraiser started today … GET SELLING!!!!! If everyone would sell 20 items, we would make close to $4,000.00. The dates to sell are 11/4 – 11/15/2013. The orders will be delivered to school on 11/21, sorted during lunch and be ready for pick up by the end of school. Checks need to be made out to GONDOLIER BOOSTER CLUB.

The 15 week grades are up to date in Jupiter and will match your 15 week report card … a few of you may want to warn your parents.




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