Triathlon Update/Meeting Next Week

This Sunday will be our triathlon adventure! Please meet in the Venice Pool area at 3:30 am. There are 30 of us volunteering, which is pretty awesome! We will have 5 cars for transportation to and from Malibu.  I know it is a crazy early morning … however everyone is expected to be there wonderful, enthusiastic, peppy selves!

Below is a direct excerpt from the volunteer information packet:

“Volunteers should be on site at 4:30am (see map below for parking area) and will be helping in support areas such as aid stations, registration, finish line, refreshments, transition area, etc.. Volunteers should wear comfortable clothes along with recommended hat and sunscreen. All volunteers will receive a volunteer shirt to wear during their shift. Volunteers will be helping until 12:00pm and will be provided with various snacks and water throughout the day.”

Please plan accordingly. Once we arrive in Malibu we will park and head over to the volunteer registration area as a group.  If you have any questions, please ask them on Friday.

Also we will be having a meeting on Monday, September 9 at lunch. All in-season athletes DO NOT need to attend.

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