School Opening Schedule/Clothing Order

It is hard to believe that school starts in just one week!

Here is the meeting schedule for the first week –

Monday, August 12 – 2:00 PM to Whenever we finish – Come for all or part of the time … there is a lot to get done – You get hours for coming to help!

Tuesday, August 13 – After school until 3:30  to sign buff cards/touch base – If you are on a team let your coaches know ASAP

Monday, August 19 – Lunch – first official team meeting

The uniforms for the 2013 – 2014 year will be black/white polos and khaki pants.  Everyone needs a polo and khaki pants, the rest of the clothing items are optional. Please make sure you have khaki pants that look neat, professional, are not too tight and allow you to fully squat down without exposing underwear or extra skin. Target, Ross, Kohl’s are good places for inexpensive khaki pants. There is a female version of shirts this year, for those girls who would prefer a more form flattering style. There will be order forms in Shop-6 and all money is due on August 14.  If you want to pay by check please make the check out to Kirsten Farrell and I will pay the vendor with one final check.

Polo (Unisex or Female): $30

Venice Sports Medicine Short Sleeve T Shirt – $12

Venice Sports Medicine Long Sleeve T Shirt – $15

Venice Sports Medicine Hoodie – $30

Navy/White Zip Up Jacket – $35

Navy Windpants – $27

Three Pack – $75 (Polo, Jacket and Windpants – $92 separately)

All prices include embroidery and tax.

There are samples in the athletic training room if you want to try sizes.  In the pictures Angela is wearing a size M women’s top, Wynton is wearing a size M men’s top, Angela is wearing a size S wind suit, Sarah, Brett and Angela are in their personal hoodies and long sleeve  shirts. The game shirts in the pictures are blue and white not black and white.


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