Washington Day One

It has been a very full and exciting day that started with our rendezvous at LAX this morning!

The kids have been fantastic! We arrived at Pasco airport and took a 22 passenger bus to our hotel. Luckily, most of our rooms were ready and after a quick change of clothes headed out to explore. Lunch was at a local mall about a mile away and then after lunch we stopped at Target for supplies. 

After lots of walking, there was a general break time for naps, swimming, working out and studying. This evening we walked over to the Toyota Area for a couple of hours of ice skating and broom ball. Everyone had a blast and it was a wonderful way to get to know students from other schools. 

The last couple of hours have included reviewing what is expected over the next two days (trust me when I say the days are very, very, very FULL!!! ), pizza and more studying.  It is off to bed very soon before all the craziness begins tomorrow!

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