Hi Gang-

Here is the list of workers for Friday …

1st – Keanna, Emily, Brett, Lynley

2nd – Mark, Nungari, Tommy

3rd – Gabby, Walker, Sarah

4th – Victor, Ashley, Asia

5th – Allison, Anglea, Elizabeth

6th – Sam, Elizabeth, Conor

JV – Conor, Victor, Elyssa, Andie, Natalie

Varsity – Keanna, Ellington, Brett, Mark, Alex (Need 1 more)

If you have anything Pink/Breast Cancer Awareness please wear it to work at the games. If you want to buy a Pink Out T-shirt we still have some in stock.  You can also wear Pink Out shirts from other years.

Pick up Greenies Thursday at Nutrition!

This is a very big day for event for us as a team … we need to do our best!

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