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Saturday was one busy day!

The day was full of testing with every member of the team involved in at least one testing component.  

The Varsity 6 (Sarah, Ashley, Jeanette, Bryan, Brennon and Henry) started the day with their first testing session. Each session was composed of a written exam and a practical exam sometime during the morning or afternoon. After Varsity got started, Roberto and Jose walked over to the Eastern Washington University PT School for their anatomy and physiology test. The test was made up of a 45 minute written exam and a 45 minute identification exam.  The last task of the morning was the interview section for Joanna and Stephanie.

The forum group of presenters!

The afternoon found everyone in either varsity or junior varsity testing until 3:00 pm. After all the testing was complete, there were a couple more forum presentations, the finals of the speed taping competition, and the awards ceremony.  

I am so proud of the kids and their accomplishments this weekend. There were lots of cheers when we were announced the winner of the forum competition. Even though six kids were involved in presenting the information, the whole team was part of the win, as we had practice runs and the team offered a lot of constructive feedback that made our presentation a winner!

The next piece of big news – we placed 9th overall!  We were also the highest ranked team from outside the state of Washington.  This is a huge deal as many of the Washington Sports Medicine Programs are three and four years in length, so this is a testament to the discipline and commitment of this awesome group of kids.

Our awesome team with Anthony.

The evening found us joining the teams from Valencia and Notre Dame in epic battles of Laser Tag. The teams walked about a half mile to Laser Quest, A place three stories tall complete with fog machines and multi level hiding spots. Unfortunately, no air conditioning. The kids had a blast with the other California teams.



Today is Bloomsday.  As I post this Anthony, Leslie, Rion, Bryan, Roberto, Brennon and Henry are out on the course. It is a beautiful day, a bit chilly for Californians, but I have a feeling they will appreciate the cool temperature once they are a few miles in to the run.

Getting ready to run!

See everyone tonight!

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