Washington Day Two

Well, you know we must be in a smaller town when the lead story on the news besides the Royal Wedding was a a bus driver who spanked a student for misbehaving.  Quite different than the news in Los Angeles.

Another busy day! We started Friday off with lots of excitement because it snowed!!! The kids had a blast taking pictures and playing outside for a few minutes.  I think all the folks from Washington thought we were pretty crazy with our enthusiasm! I hope you can see a snowflake or two in the picture.

Morning flurries!

The rest of the morning was comprised of Student Leadership meetings for Sarah and Henry, opening statements and the Keynote Address on Leadership.

We had a nice break for lunch and once again the forum group stayed behind to prepare and Anthony took the kids to River Park Square to eat.  After lunch Rion, Veronica and Jose took the first JV Sports Medicine Exam, while Natali and Leslie took their Medical Terminology exam.  While that group was testing we checked in the runners (Rion, Leslie, Henry, Roberto, Bryan, Brennon and Anthony) for the Bloomsday Race on Sunday.  They have a great expo going as well with lots of cool stuff that the kids will be able to check out all weekend.

After testing it was time for our forum presentation on the Turkish Get-Up.  Natali, Leslie, Joanna and Stephanie did an excellent job and Roberto and Henry were great models.  The group received many compliments after their presentation and we are certainly hoping we place in the top three when the awards are announced tomorrow night.

Forum Group after rocking their presentation!

The final task of the day was the Speed Taping Contest which Bryan and Jeanette entered.  We will find out tomorrow if they made the top 20.

Bryan and Jeanette getting in done!

After the taping it was time for dinner and some free time. Study Hall was from 9-11 and the kids are pretty knackered.  Some fell asleep while studying … maybe.

Are they really asleep?

Saturday is a day full of testing with every team member taking one or two tests! After the awards we plan on doing a fun activity with Notre Dame and Valencia High Schools.

More tomorrow …